Meet our National Office Team

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Suzie McCafferty

Non-Executive Director

Suzie is one of the most highly regarded and experienced franchise professionals in the UK. She has been in the industry for more than 17 years, firstly as a successful international franchisor in her own right, then Director of a £30m franchise division of a large plc. and now running her own British Franchise Association accredited consultancy firm, Platinum Wave.

After graduating from university, Suzie built her ink cartridge business from a single store in Edinburgh, into a network of 70 franchised stores across 6 countries. This unique experience means Suzie and her team at Platinum Wave are highly in demand with some of the most successful franchise brands around the world. Suzie has helped launch brands across numerous sectors including food, retail, sports coaching, technology, recruitment, children’s activities, publishing and logistics to name but a few. Her focus is on preparing businesses for franchising, effective recruitment of franchisees, driving network performance through training and coaching, assisting UK brands to franchise internationally and bringing international brands into the UK.

Suzie McCafferty